About Our Medicine

Herbal preparation based on the science of Siddha and Ayurveda

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Effective Herbal Medicines

All our medicines are made from the herbal combinations that not only act as food but also as effective medicines.

No Toxin

No Interaction

No Contra indication

No Heavy Metals

Our medicines

Are Special

Nutritious Food

Our medicines supply the essential nutrients which are not obtained through normal food habits


Through supplying balanced nutrients our medicines are not known to cause any side effects

Safe for long term use

Our proprietary formula is based on food science, making it safer for long term use


Saher Naturals was granted a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate, issued by the Licensing Authority, Directorate of Indian Systems of Medicine


Our ingredients are organically grown herbs and no chemicals are added during the manufacturing process.

Sustainably Sourced

Herbs are collected from our own farms and directly sourced from other farmers