Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do the products cause any side effect?

There is no known side effects

Can i combine your product with allopathy medicine?

Yes. Since our products act as food supplements, it can be taken together with allopathy medicine. However, consult with your physician before taking our products with allopathy medicine.

SAHER NATURALS products are herbal medicine?

The products are 100% made from herbs

How is SAHER NATURALS different from other herbal medicines?

Our products are made from herbal Food Based Formula, It is unique Siddha & Ayurveda proprietary medicine

Unlike Traditional herbal medicine, Saher Naturals  doesn’t change the property of raw herbs nor  does add any metals or minerals in the process.

How to use the products? or what is the recommended dosage?

Depending on the illness, a person can take two capsules twice a day or one capsule twice a day. Consult your physician if you are undergoing any other medication

Early Stage Diabetes: For early-stage diabetes, we recommend to take the medicine for 45 days with diet and exercise

IDDM: IDDM patients are recommended to take the medicines until control with diabetic diet and exercise.

How your products are differentiated between similar ailments?

For similar ailments, our products generally differ by serving early stage or chronic conditions