Why opt for Siddha and Ayurvedic Treatment and medicines

Siddha treatments are the age old treatment practiced especially in South India. The primary goal of this treatment through medicines is to make the body perfect. The treatment and the medicines largely vary from the conventional methods used in medical science. One can make use of Siddha to help healing a medical condition from within. In a nutshell, it works more towards permanent healing of the disease you have. There are countless symptoms and deficiencies that can be treated by Siddha medicine. It’s certainly advisable as the drugs concerned are herbal in nature and need to be taken orally.


Yes, this is one of the safest forms of treatment that can be undergone by any individual for chronic ailments. The medicines are effective for all age groups and improve your immune system. The medicines also effectively and constructively work towards correcting the imbalances to an extent so that the disease does keep reappearing in near future, strengthen the immune system and keeps one fit and healthier.  Siddha medicines purify and cleanse your system, and are being used since ages even today an alternate medicine of cancer in most cases. The best about opting for this line of treatment through Siddha medicines is extremely safe, free from side effects and can be tried by anyone who believes in alternative therapies.


Is Siddha and Ayurvedic medicine same? Let’s know that in this section of the blog


Siddha medicines belong to Tamil Nadu origin and this form of medicinal system is practiced almost exclusively in Tamil Nadu where as the neighboring South Indian state of Kerala is home to many famous Ayurvedic physicians.

Kerala till today has preserved the rich traditions of Ayurveda for the future and is home to internationally reputed institutions of Ayurveda.

However most of the herbs used for Siddha medicines as well as Ayurvedic medicines are common, mostly they are used to treat different illnesses. For eg: In the Siddha line of treatment Hibiscus is an important medicine for curing heart ailments while, in Ayurveda it is mostly used for hair related problems.

The systems, Siddha as well as Ayurvedic treatment can deliver brilliant results under the expert hands. This ancient Indian System of medicine promotes treatment by usage of non-toxic natural herbs that can control or cure nearly all diseases.  SAHER NATURALS has studied the benefits and drawbacks of both these sciences and has clubbed them together to create products only with herbs to treat mostly all ailments without any side effects.

Why choose medicines from Saher Naturals?

All our supplements are made from the herbal combinations that not only act as food but also as effective medicines.

  • No Toxin
  • No Interaction
  • No Contra indication
  • No Heavy Metals

Who is eligible for the medicines and when is the treatment undertaken?

Medicines from Saher Naturals are considered safe for almost all individuals wishing to undertake the treatment. The best about these natural medicines is that one can count on it for a variety of medications for the various illness and medical conditions. However, it’s best to consult the doctor who has diagnosed the condition and under the assistance of an expert the line of treatment for these Ayurvedic medicines can be formulated.

  • Are there any eligibility criteria for the person willing to opt for this form of medicinal treatment?

Anyone suffering from any ailment can opt for Siddha and Ayurvedic medicines as they are far better and safe than allopathic medicines and can be had by persons who are undergoing other medications too. The medicines from Saher Naturals do not come in way or in any way obstruct the treatment that the person is undergoing and only concentrates on eradicating the disease from the source.

  • Are there any side effects?

You will be happy to know that there are no side effects of the medicines from Saher Naturals as this ancient combined technique from Tamilnadu and Kerala origin is found to be extremely safe. However, this is not so with allopathic medicines, so it’s time to make the right choice of medicinal treatment that provides no side-effects for the benefit of your loved ones.

  • Does the intake of the Herbal medicines from Saher Naturals demand any post-treatment guidelines?

Yes, definitely some lifestyle changes need to be undergone if you are opting to undergo treatment by means of this combined medicinal treatment from Siddha gurus and Ayurvedic experts.  It’s best to consult the doctor and seek advice about the special diet that you have to follow. You might also need to stop consuming certain foods when you are undergoing treatment from Siddha Naturals treatment. Apart from these, there are no specific guidelines to follow, and you can continue with your routine day to day activities.

What is the duration of recovery from the intake of these medicines?

In most cases the visible changes of the intake of the medicine will be visible in a matter of weeks. However this also largely on the types of medications you are undertaking and the medical condition of the ailment. The medicines are Ayurvedic in nature and do not pose any health risks and do not harm your body or your cells. After you are cured, you can seek the opinion of the doctor whether to continue the medicine for a specific duration or discontinue.


What is the price of the medicines?

Medicines from Saher Naturals are usually cost effective, and you can opt to order them online from our website sahernaturals.com

The medicines in most cases deliver permanent solution from the ailment. But in few cases there is a chance that you may suffer from the condition again. Hence, it is always safe to have periodic checkups with your doctor about your health to ensure health safety in the long run for you. So what are you waiting for? Get going to opt for medicines from Saher Naturals to enjoy a healthy peaceful life. Book your order now!